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Corporate Cruises

Boost your team with meaningful corporate team building activities.

Sailing Adelaide offers the perfect corporate cruise experience, with tailored packages to suit every group. Our luxurious charter yacht offers the perfect escape for corporate teams looking for a unique and inspiring team bonding activity.


On board, you can take advantage of a range of exhilarating activities and courses that serve to reward and motivate your workforce, while still helping you to keep an eye out for potential leadership opportunities.


Team Bonding

The best thing about team-building exercises is they let employees blow off steam. They serve as motivation and reward. Yet, they still help you observe leadership potential. They also improve employee engagement.

Corporate cruises are an innovative team bonding activity. One of the essential parts of a successful bonding activity is getting your employees out of their work setting. What could be more of a change than a day on the water? On the water, your team can let resentments and frustrations float away.

Discover Potential

The most popular corporate cruise in a group setting involves a cooperative type of sailing lesson, combining a learning lesson and challenges for your team.  Whether team members are experienced sailors or not, we can help you customize a sailing lesson that will aid in assessing your team’s leadership potential by identifying strengths and weaknesses with the beautiful backdrop of sailing.  The more experienced teams will have the opportunity to see their teams differently in this unique setting.

Fun Challenges

A sailboat is an excellent place for challenges. We can work with you to create a challenging but fun activity. Some ideas include using traditional tools to chart a course, race against a clock, or find a “hidden treasure.” We love collaborating with our corporate customers to develop unique bonding ideas.

Enjoy a Sail

Sometimes you want your team to learn how to relax together. In those instances, you take a more laid-back approach. A late afternoon/sunset dolphin cruise is a fabulous way to let people relax together. You can incorporate other team-building exercises while enjoying a simultaneously relaxing and adventurous sail.

You can bring refreshments on board. We also have a private chef available for catering.

Schedule your corporate cruise today.

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