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Start your journey together. Will you sail with me?

People love to propose at sunset because the setting sun makes for fabulous engagement photos. We have also had beautiful onboard proposals at sunrise and on our moonlight cruises.

Of course, you want a unique proposal. We can help you create that. Being fully customizable means we can help you create a menu for a romantic meal, play songs that are meaningful, and incorporate other details that speak to you as a couple. We can also arrange to have a photographer on board to capture the moment.

Two Wine Cups

Propose on The Adelaide

If you have been dating for a while, a romantic cruise together can hint that a proposal is coming. We can work with you to make it a surprise by helping you develop a backstory to get your partner on board. Maybe you won a cruise as a prize at work, or you want to try a sailing lesson. We can hide the ring and any romantic touches for you, then surprise your partner with them. Let us help take off some of the pressure of the perfect proposal.

Schedule your proposal cruise today.

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