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Dinner Cruises

Make your next dinner out an adventure.

Sailing Adelaide provides a unique experience like no other. A chance to jump aboard and experience a night of fine dining and drinks all while sailing through beautiful waters of the Texas Gulf Coast. Step aboard for a night of unforgettable fun; instead of going to a restaurant, take a dinner cruise and enjoy an intimate, memorable experience with your friends and family.

Whether a romantic dinner, special occasion, or simply an occasion to enjoy time with friends, Sailing Adelaide provides luxury dinner cruises that make your special event unforgettable. With our fully customizable cruise options and private chef services, you can create the perfect experience for you and your guests.


Come enjoy an unforgettable evening on the water with Sailing Adelaide!


A Romantic Gesture

Dinner cruises are an excellent choice for romance. The sea evokes thoughts of adventure, especially at sunset or in the moonlight. So, leave the rest of the world behind and take a cruise with your beloved. Dinner cruises provide the perfect backdrop for anniversary dinners and proposals. However, it does not have to be a special occasion.

Put some sizzle back into your love life with a grand romantic gesture.

Bring Friends

Dinner cruises are not limited to romance. Guests love them for small group dinners. They are a fabulous way to enjoy time with friends. People also love them as a way to show off our area. So, the next time you have out-of-town guests, keep a dinner cruise in mind.

Schedule your dinner cruise today.

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