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Moonlight Cruises

Escape the world and enjoy the tranquil beauty of sailing under the stars.

While we love sailing at any time of the day or night, we have to admit that moonlight cruises are our favorite. The vastness of the water and the night sky make us wax philosophical and lead back to the beginnings of life on the water when sailors used the night sky to guide their way.


We invite you to join us on one of our nighttime cruises. See familiar places in a whole new way. Get a glimpse of stars you cannot see from shore. Choose a cruise on the full moon and be astounded by how the moonlight plays off the water.


Just the Two of Us

Passengers love our sunset cruises for romance. The setting sun makes a great photo opportunity for proposals. However, if you want to wow your partner, we suggest some nice wine, your favorite song, and a dance under the moonlight. It will be a night the two of you talk about for years.

Bring the Family

As romantic as a moonlight cruise can be, it is also a great adventure to take with your family. Bring the kids and spend the evening stargazing. Take away their phones for the night and reconnect with your older teen or young adults.

Schedule your moonlight cruise today.

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