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Charter Rules & Restrictions

Sailing Adelaide pledges to do its best to ensure that you have a pleasurable and exciting sailing adventure.  We believe in safety first. In order to achieve this, we have a few rules that we ask you to read and follow.

  • Sailing times and dates are subject to change due to weather conditions and tides.  Reservations require a $50 deposit.

  • Deposit may be paid by phone using a credit card.  Should the weather be deemed unsafe upon your arrival, we will give you a rain check for another date or refund your deposit in full.  If YOU cancel for ANY reason less than five days prior to departure, your deposit will be forfeited.

  • All charters must be paid in full prior to departure.  If you pay the balance at departure, we only accept cash and credit cards at the dock.  You may also pay with credit card through online to

  • NO GLASS ON THE SAILBOAT! Please do not bring glass containers of any type, such as bottled beer, drinking glasses, etc.  Glass breaks when the sailboat is a-rockin! You MAY bring bottled wine, champagne, or other alcohol of your choice.  We will stow this for you in the galley where it can safely be poured into plastic glasses.  Beer must be of the canned or plastic bottle variety.  No styrofoam coolers, period!

  • NO SMOKING of cigarettes, cigars or pipes is allowed on the boat.  Illegal drugs or substances are strictly prohibited by law and if boarded by the Coast Guard you will go to jail.  No weapons allowed on board.

  • If captain and/or crew believe you are creating an unsafe sailing situation due to intoxication or failure to comply with safety requests, the sailboat will be returned to dock immediately without a refund.

  • No children below the age of six please.  Children 12 years of age and younger will be required to wear a personal flotation device while on deck or in the cockpit.  Children are not required to wear a life jacket if below deck.

  • DO NOT wear sneakers, sandals, or shoes with BLACK SOLES.  Wear only white soles, or non-marking boat soles - or just come barefoot.  NO HEELS OF ANY KIND!

  • Bring your own lotion sunscreen (no spray-on sunscreen), towels, change of clothes for swimming or boardwalk stop, camera, music CDs and any special food or drinks you would like.

  • You may, if you wish, help with the operation of the vessel (i.e., docking, steering, trimming sails) or you may prefer to just sit back and enjoy your cruise.

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