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Sailing Lessons

Learn the basics of sailing and challenge yourself.

Whether you live near the Texas coast or are vacationing here, it is a great place to learn to sail. Adelaide sails in the peaceful waters of Clear Lake, Kemah, and Galveston Bay. They are great waters to get your sea legs.

Because Adelaide is a private vessel, we can customize your sailing lessons to your comfort level. For beginners, we start with an introduction to sailing. You learn the parts of a sailboat and how to handle them. You can get hands-on experience with the safety and security of an experienced captain and crew. An introductory day of sailing is excellent for those who want the option of learning to sail or relaxing onboard. It is also a great family activity, date night, or corporate bonding experience.


Beginner to Pro

We can do more in-depth lessons if you are a more experienced sailor. Go from learning about a sailboat to skippering in light or moderate winds. If you already have that experience, we can work on skills in mild to heavy winds. We can also work on real-life coastal navigation skills, letting you put into practice any classroom navigation skills you may have.

Get Started

Christopher is a certified ASA instructor; however, we are not an ASA certified sailing school so we do not provide certification. We are not a traditional sailing school. That means we are flexible. We do not set the curriculum; you do. Once we are satisfied you know safety basics, you can guide your lessons based on what you want to learn. Contact us to find out more information. Captain Christopher would be happy to personalize lessons for you and your group.

Schedule your sailing lesson today.

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