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Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Sail before you say I do!

If you are looking for an unforgettable party experience, you want to think outside the box. A sail on a luxury yacht is not just something different, it is the type of adventure your friends will remember for years.

Customization makes sailing on Adelaide a unique adventure every time. So, make the last sail before the veil or the last cruise before I do’s perfect for the bride or groom. We can chart an adventure to an island for a day of swimming and beach combing, head out in search of dolphins and other sea life, or plan a stargazing trip in the moonlight.

A sailing party gives the guest of honor time to connect with their friends before the wedding. It is an excellent way for friends to spend quality time together before the frantic activity of the wedding day. While you are welcome to BYOB or select from our wine selection, it is also a great way to focus on the people involved, not just partying.


Tips for a Dream Party

Don’t forget the sunglasses. The sun reflects off of the water, which can make for a glare. Bring sunglasses to avoid squinting and enjoy the views. 

Think about potential motion sickness. Dramamine is a great cure, but it can cause drowsiness. That is not usually an issue, but it can be if people drink. Products like SeaBands use acupressure to treat motion sickness without creating possible interactions.

Talk to us about the party of your dreams. People often think they have to follow our lead about parties. The beauty of customization is that we can follow your lead instead. As long as what you ask does not go against our rules, we will try to make it happen.

First, plan the party at least a week before the wedding. It is easy to get too much sun on a cruise, and no one wants to be battling a sunburn on their wedding day. Plus, blocking off hours away a few weeks before the wedding is easier.

Plan your guests carefully. The great thing about a small yacht is that you cannot invite everyone you know. However, that means you have to be thoughtful in your list.

Think about food and drinks. Many people focus on the drinks when planning a bachelor or bachelorette party. However, you may want snacks or even a meal for a three- or four-hour cruise. Our private chef can work with you to create appetizers or a full dinner. You can also bring refreshments on board.

Schedule your party cruise today.

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